Naousa is a picturesque fishing village and a popular tourist destination, with a half-sunken Venetian castle by the harbor.

BuColourful fishing boats, traditional white-washed houses and a variety of cafes, fish tavernas, bars, and clubs that line the narrow back streets have made up the special character of this place. Make sure you take a walk towards the Venetian castle, at the harbor entrance, and enjoy your coffee or your drink, as well as the unimpeded view of the deep blue Aegean sea before you.t not everyone burns can burn calories on the snow each day so a tub of hot cheese, ham, and buttery potatoes isn’t always necessary, but you need to get what you are given.

And you might fancy trying out that new restaurant in town but the ski chalet staff have been preparing’ since noon. Fortunately, things are changing and it’s now possible to find (though still hard) a more freestyle attitude to dinners and dinner times. Above all, be nice to the staff. Take out things they can’t get in the Alps as little presents/tips – the staff will then go out of their way to be extra nice. Why tip at the end? And because of the way the budgets work, it’s good to get the hosts on the side.

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